A Much Needed Follow-Up To Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers has done an awesome job of ministering to men all over the United States and overseas for the past 20 years. Their ministry is accomplished through large stadium gatherings where thousands of men can learn how to walk with integrity through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Promise Keepers Beliefs

The core beliefs or the 7 Promises of Promisekeepers are life-changing principles to live by. They are deep principles that demand a commitment in order for them to become pillars of stability in your life.

While the Promise Keeper conferences are emotionally and spiritually moving, there needs to be vehicles that men can hop onto after the conference is over. This follow up needs to be easily accessible for men so they have a way to continue on the path of Godly manhood.

My Promise Keepers Experience

I remember when I attended a conference at the Superdome in New Orleans years ago and became a promise keeper. It was a very powerful spiritual experience for me. I was already a born again Christian but I learned some very useful and practical steps I could take to grow spiritually.

The problem is that this journey of spiritual growth cannot reach its fullest without the companionship of other believers. Several months down the road those powerful principles were now lost in the busyness of my life.

Were there any ways for me to join with some men in my church to keep these Godly principles operating in my life? Yes, but it would have taken a lot of effort and time for me to get those men motivated. As a result, it didn’t happen.

Christian men and women all face this same challenge of keeping our walk of faith and love fresh and alive day after day. There must be a simple way to follow up and build much-needed spiritual momentum just as I needed after attending Promise Keepers.

Effective Promise Keepers Follow Up

To keep that momentum growing for men, something else is required. It is called “fellowship” with a purpose. I know this is a difficult word and activity for most men. Men usually avoid fellowship because it threatens their sense of independence, their sense of being a conqueror.

That is why Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams were developed. These are small teams of 4 men who have a heart to learn about the things of God
and pursue His picture of what it means to be a man. This is not a Bible study and it is done over the internet with skype preferably or chatting.

Whether men will admit it or not, they need the support from other Godly men and it takes courageous to face up to that and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So here is the challenge men. I’m getting up in your face and telling you that it’s okay to say I can’t live a Godly life on my own. I can’t walk with integrity at my job and as a husband and father by myself.

I challenge you to spend 5 minutes right now and learn about this vital follow up to PROMISE KEEPERS here. If you have never attended PK, you are still welcome to become a courageous man of God.

Michael Ecuyer

Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams

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