College For Homeschoolers at a Super Low Cost

This college for homeschoolers plan will allow your son or daughter to obtain a quality college education without leaving home and at a fraction of the cost for a typical college degree.

I know you are asking how is this possible when the average cost for college per year these days is $15000 or more. And I know you are not forgetting the importance of keeping your child away from the many harmful influences that are running rampant at American universities.

Our family has discovered a way to do all this. People try to ridicule homeschooling parents because they are protecting their children from the destructive elements around us all. I applaud you for boldly creating a safe environment for your children to be fully equipped to successfully deal with the challenges of today’s society.

You and I both know it’s a war out there. Our children won’t come out on top unless they are properly trained by us and Godly influences.

This is how we developed a college for homeschoolers plan and you can do the same.

The first key towards homeschool college admissions is to avoid paying tuition by NOT enrolling in a college for your first 90 college credits. Tuition at state universities costs an average of around $7000 a year. You are looking at tuition costs of 20 to 30 thousand dollars a year at private colleges. Most of these credits are basic entry level courses.

The second key is to obtain your transferrable college credits through using the CLEP and DANTES testing services. Your cost for each test is around $100. We even found a way for you cut this cost down by 25%. With the advancement of online college degrees, you can get most degrees through transferring your testing credits to a regionally accredited college across the USA.

The third key to this college for homeschoolers plan is to provide the right balance of independence, support, and accountability for your homeschooled son or daughter AT HOME as they pursue their college education. The average room and board cost for US colleges is close to another $7000 per year.

The fourth key is to have a step-by-step plan to follow and stick to through this whole process. This plan is simple but you can’t follow through with it successfully without a well thought out strategy. There is a lot of preparation and planning necessary that will allow this plan to achieve incredible results for you.

The fifth and final key to homeschooling college admissions is once you have acquired approximately 90 college credits, you can enroll in a regionally accredited college and finish your senior year through a variety of online course options.

The end result is that your child will be able to obtain an undergraduate college degree with more than a 50% savings and without any college loan debt. More importantly, you will have the opportunity to guide your young adult son or daughter through the critical years of their final preparation for adult life.

This is the plan our family followed for our 17 year old son who is ready to start his senior year for an undergraduate business degree after getting 87 college credits through testing.

Are you ready to join the college for homeschoolers revolution? This plan is not exclusively for homeschoolers, though. Join us for some more FREE details on how to beat today’s AVERAGE COLLEGE COST by more than 50%.

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