Most College Tuition Calculators Are A Waste of Your Time

There is a real problem with almost every college tuition calculator around.

You spend all this time entering statistics about your life, just to have this college cost calculator inform you that your tuition cost is out of this world.

I’m sorry. Who cares if your annual cost is going to be 6 to 9 thousand dollars a year for a public university or 18 to 25 thousand dollars a year for a private college?

The only college tuition calculator you need is one that helps you calculate how to slash a huge chunk of today’s ridiculous college costs.

So what every future college student needs is a COLLEGE SAVINGS CALCULATOR.

And here it is just for you!

What if I told you that there is a legal and perfectly ethical way to by-pass a major portion of these college expenses?

And what if I told you that this was possible without filling out this incredibly detailed applications for  student loans or grants?

This is very simple.

You simply avoid the tuition fees by not enrolling in the college.

Who needs college tuition calculators?

The first 60 credits towards your undergraduate degree are general courses such as science, language, math, and humanities.

You can get these needed credits at a much, much lower cost through 2 nationally approved and recommended  testing credit services called CLEP and DANTES.

If you know what you are doing, you can later have these credits transferred towards the bachelor’s degree of your choosing.

This is not magic and it does involve real effort on your part. More and more students are learning how  to accomplish this. All you need is the right plan and a partner to help guide along the way.

The right plan no longer includes college tuition calculators.

Get more details on how you can beat today’s AVERAGE COLLEGE COST by more than 50%.

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