Compounding Faith

There is such a thing as compounding interest whereby an amount of money grows by the interest and then the new interest takes into account the previous amounts already added. The basic idea is the initial amount increases or compounds quickly. As we have talked about moving from faith to faith (Romans 1:17) as a growing maturing principle of our journey as ambassadors for Christ, we want to add the concept of compounding faith.

While the growing of our faith is a rather internal process, and we are individually responsible for applying our faith, Paul talks about our faith being added to other people’s faith. Romans 1:12 says: “that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.”

This is a huge arsenal in our battle against the things of this world and our common enemy. There is so much in today’s society that moves us towards  isolation and self-sufficiency. Lions looks to separate their prey from the pack because they know there is weakness in isolation.

That is why it is vital for us not to avoid gathering with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and to join our faith together with others to see mighty things accomplished for the Kingdom of Yahweh.

When we connect by phone or text or meet with one another, we should always take advantage of this chance to bring our faith in unity as a powerful weapon to glorify the Lord and enjoy the blessing and profiting that comes with it. This applies to engaging in warfare with the enemy and also in calling forth our destinies in Christ, our provision, and our spiritual growth.

Remember, there is a time to be in your prayer closet, but make sure to put compounding faith into action as often as possible with your church family.


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