Define Humility in Your Life and Watch God Promote You

Define Humility In Your Life

When you define humility for your life, the stage is set for God to move you towards “muscular” things beyond your wildest imagination. Muscular things? Yes, you must develop the spiritual muscle of humility to achieve truly great things. Define Humility

This can be particularly challenging for men. Most men struggle in some way with their sense of who they are, and what they are supposed to do with their lives.

They typically respond by finding some activity that they excel in to build up their self image. They are already moving down the gymnasium path to pride.

The path you probably are expecting us to take is to define humility with a simple sentence. What we will do is show you how to connect humility with Godly promotion in your life.

We will also give you the chance to determine whether you are bulking up on pride or on humility in your daily spiritual exercise routine.

Define Humility By Pride

Is your diet full of pride?  You do realize pride works directly against humility?

It can be helpful to define humility by looking at the the opposite of humility. Check to see if these prideful ingredients are currently on your plate.

1) Doing things to get biceps praise or attention from others,
2) Keeping score of your self-made greatness,
3) Evaluating others in your own image, not God’s,
4) Reveling in others’ failures and resenting their successes,
5) Quickly defending yourself against any criticism.

It is vital that you look at your diet because God resists the proud. He has promised to do this. Believe me, you do not want to be working against the Lord.

Now that you know some of the big warning signs, what are some of the exercises that will help you define humility and create that ripped humble look? In other words, let’s look at some ways that Arnold Schwarzenegger might¬† answer what is humility.

Define Humility Exercise Routine

1) Getting in your reps of being submissive to others,
2) Feeling secure in your spiritual giftings without a mirror,
3) Recognizing that you are one member of the body and honoring other members,
4) Giving the glory of your successes to the Lord,
5) Identifying your strengths AND weaknesses,
6) Honoring the work of Coach Holy Spirit in your life, and
7) Looking out for the interests of others.

These 2 checklist tools are here to help you define humility in your life. YOU have to decide which path you want to take to promotion.

Promotion is not solely a worldly concept. It is also a Biblical concept. God said He wants to make you the head and not the tail, to be above only and not beneath, and wants you to lend to many nations and not have to borrow.

Tell me how you plan on reaching these Godly positions of promotion. The world has defined a path to promotion and God has defined a very different path
to promotion.

His path is one of humility and sowing into others by faith. As you practically define humility in your life by following His path, expect to see promotion towards your God-given destiny.

Michael and Charleen

P.S.Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams are forming now to help you discover how to DEFINE HUMILITY in your life and open the doors of promotion to
your destiny.

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