Devotional Av 1, 5780 – Christianity Is All About A Relationship 7 Times A Day

There is something about human nature that wants to turn everything into rules and regulations. You can only do this and you can’t do that. Maybe we just want things neatly spelled out for us. But we do a great disservice to ourselves, to Christianity, and to those around us when we limit our relationship to Yeshua to a bunch of rules.

Relationships are typically messy and they are constantly changing and are consistently challenging. When we came into a covenant relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we stepped into the most amazing and uplifting and life-transforming relationship we will ever have.

Any true relationship involves closeness and letting our guard down. These things cannot happen in our pursuit of Yeshua unless we are devoting our time, our energy, and our hearts to seeking Him and loving Him. That is why it is so important that we carve out a part of each day to give of ourselves to Him exclusively. We call it a “quiet time” or Word time or worship time, which occurs 7 times a day. What?! Hold on, we just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

We will get to the 7 times a day very soon.

Our quiet time is to be a dynamic time that will change and grow to suit our ever-deepening relationship with Yahweh, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit. As we do this, we increase our capacity to become more like Yeshua and better reflect His glory as His ambassadors. Christ’s life on this earth was full of service, giving, restoring, love, and faith. His life was a perfect expression of our Father’s relationship with us, as He became that bridge of reconciliation for us to walk on to be in the presence of our Most Holy Yahweh.

A movie called FireProof came out years ago by the Kendrick Brothers. A young man’s marriage is crumbling and his father gives a him a tool called the Love Dare to use to fight for his marriage. As he follows the steps in the Love Dare, he comes to end of himself and commits his whole heart to the Lordship of Christ. He realizes that that he had no clue what love really was until he experienced the love of Yeshua. It was only then that he was able to begin to truly love his wife and she saw a genuine difference. There marriage is restored.

As this man became a born gain child of Yah, his relationship with Yeshua changed his life and he began to see things clearly for the first time. He stepped into the true love of His Father and an intimate relationship with His Creator. He was now able to share the love of Christ everywhere he went.  He had so much more to freely give.

We have now finished the groundwork for what we really want to share – what 7 times a day has to do with our relationship with our Lord. Before we do that, spend some time letting all this soak into your spirit, soul, and body.



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