Devotional Av 2, 5780 – Giving Praise to Our Abba Father 7 Times A Day

We gave our life to Christ and submitted to His Kingship. Christianity began with our Heavenly Abba’s love for us, then our love for His Son, which leads to our love for our Father and His Holy Spirit, then a holy love for ourselves, and finally a Godly love for others. All this love occurs in the framework of relationships, which means our active engagement and commitment and submission.(Eph, 5:21 – “submitting to one another in the worship and awe of God.”)

This submission – giving honoring – to one another includes our relationship with prophets as we decide to lay hold of the promise found in Matt. 10:41 – “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward.” There was a recent prophetic word given at Glory of Zion Int. in Corinth, TX at the beginning of August, 2019 or Av, 5779. Ha-ha.

It basically is this: If a remnant of My people will commit to My Word for 3 years found in Ps. 119:164, which says – ” 7 times a day I praise You, because of Your righteous ways”, I will remove the reproach from this land(USA).

There are 2 issues here. The first is that some may say that smacks of legalism. The other issue is the validity of a prophetic word given.

Legalism is replacing love and relationship with rules in order to gain favor or recognition. Someone may come across this passage in Psalms and respond by saying,” I have found the secret to loving God – we all need to praise God 7 times a day.” Their walk with Yah is dominated by this rule and they will follow it no matter what, and if they only hit 5 or 6 times, they have messed up big time.

Or someone reads this passage, and they are drawn to it and the value of how it could draw them into a deeper relationship with the Lord. They use it as a guideline to draw into closer intimacy and sharing with the Lord. If they don’t make it to 7, they are just looking forward to the next time.

And from a prophetic standpoint, this is a mighty bold word to be released. The history and motivation of the prophetic office from where a word comes from is important. Our relationship with Glory of Zion Int has been going on for over 15 years, and the prophetic accuracy and the heart of this body of Believers have been on target and devoted to seeking first the Kingdom of God without fail.

We can only say that we whole-heartedly receive this prophetic instruction by faith and with expectation to see America advance into all the Lord has destined it for. We invite you to consider this word and see if it is worth your commitment.

The next 7 posts will be a prayer watch that has been provided by Chuck Pierce, the apostolic and prophetic leader of Glory of Zion Int.


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