Devotional Av 3, 5780 – 7 Day Praise Focus, Day 1

The next 7 devotional entries will be based on Glory of Zion’s 7 Day Praise Focus which was released towards the end of Av last year and addressed a prophetic word given related to “removing all offenses”.

Our prayer is that these following entries will help us to” develop a disciplined life of praise so the Lord enthrones Himself in our midst”.

DAY 1 (AM): Read Psalm 130; Rev. 2:10.

Let’s praise Yeshua, our Redeemer,  for removing our past failures and extending His abundant grace and forgiveness to us. We can stand boldly in His Presence and joyfully embrace a new outpouring of His grace. Declare that  Hope arises in a new way new. Allow the the comfort  and confident assurance of Christ’s resurrection anointing rest upon you, and “command all fear to leave”.

DAY 1 (PM): Read Psalms 131 – 134.

Lift up thankful Praise to Yahweh  and let His perfect peace surround and fill you. Stop trying to figure everything out and decree that New trust is arising. Embrace the faithful love of your Abba. “As a weaned child rests against his mother’s breast, declare that your soul is a weaned child within you”, and moving towards a new place of maturity.

We cannot enjoy the fullness of Yah’s shalom until we have placed  our enemies under our feet. Rise above the reach of those enemies and come boldly to His throne of grace.(Heb.4:16) Usher in the  presence of the LORD with Praise and worship. “Receive a new anointing, like the oil poured on Aaron’s head, flowing down the hem of his robe”.

As the Holy Spirit leads, praise the Lord seven times today. (Ps. 119:164)

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