Devotional Shevat 30, 5780 – Yeshua, His Given Name

Yeshua also stated as Yehoshua, was taken from the Hebrew “yasha” meaning deliver, rescue, save; and was found repeatedly in the Hebrew Bible. This was also, Christ’s given name at birth and the one He was called by throughout His life. Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic knew Yeshua meant deliverer.

This name could have been a reminder every time it was spoken, our deliver has come and delivered us out of the hand of the enemy! However, the Roman Council of Nicia change His name into Jesus.  

am not saying we must never use the name Jesus, but Yeshua was His given name. I do not know about you; yet even though I am an extremely flexible person, I hate when someone spells my name wrong or calls me by some other name.  

There is so much meaning to His name and to the meaning of salvation itself. Yeshua truly conquered all on the cross. He brought us complete salvation: forgiveness of sins, healing, deliverance, cure for every disease, recovery, preservation, restoration, wholeness, shalom, and so much more! As Scripture points out, “there is no other name under Heaven that has been given among people by which we must be saved”! Praise the Lord! 

Acts 4:12 “And there is salvation (soteria) in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among people by which we must be saved (sozo) [for God has provided the world no alternative for salvation].” 

4991. sótéria deliver, save, rescue or safety (physically or morally) — deliver, health, salvation, save, saving 

4982. sózóbring…safely (1), cured (1), ensure salvation (1), get (1), get well (2), made…well (6), made well (5), preserved (1), recover (1), restore (1), save (36), saved (50), saves (1), saving   

Prepare for Rosh Chodesh beginning at 6:00 or sundown for the Hebrew month of Adar. The feast of Esther is celebrated this month, giving us much insight into its meaning. Reading Esther and celebrating the feast of Purim are excellent ways to be aligned this month as you find Your identity in Him and move into by doing what is required like Esther.

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