Applying For FAFSA Student Loans? Look Here First

FAFSA student loans are a very painful way to finance your college education.

There are Stafford loans,Perkins loans, and PLUS loans which have interest rates ranging from 5% to 8%.

Including tuition,room and board, books, and transportation expenses for 4 long years at a public university, your loan needs will be around $70,000.

Add that cute interest rate to the principal amount, and you are paying a total of approximately $90,000 over the next 10 years.

Does that get you excited? Here is something to really get excited about.

I found a way that is available to any prospective college student to avoid the FAFSA student loans and the interest and the FAFSA application.

The best part is that you can slash the cost of your undergraduate education BY MORE THAN 50 percent.

Does this sound too good to be true?

My son has 87 college credits towards his bachelor’s in business. He is on track to complete his business degree from a regionally accredited university, and the cost will be less than half  that $90,000 price tag.

All this is possible without filling out a FAFSA financial aid form or applying for any type of student loans.

How is this possible?

The simple answer is two words: CLEP and DANTES.

They are two nationally approved and recommended college testing services. Through using these testing services you can obtain enough credits for your first three years of college.

After that, you can transfer those credits to finish off your senior year with a bachelor’s degree.

I call this plan the college revolution.

So before you turn to FAFSA to finance your college education, think twice.

FAFSA student loans are the over-priced way to get your college education.

Get some more FREE details on how you beat today’s AVERAGE COLLEGE COST by more than 50%.

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