If You Have Favor From God, Awesome Things Are Within Your Reach

Favor From God Brings Increase

Having favor from God gives you the potential to create awesome results wherever you go in life. The favor of God can put you far beyond what you can accomplish without His power. Favor From God

We are not talking about being ambitious for your own benefit or for your own selfish desires. We are talking about achieving things that impact not just individuals, but communities, and not just cities, but nations.

While God’s desire is to restore and lift up men and women, His heart goes beyond to turning the course of society and countries. He has to start with you and me,  but only if we are willing to live with the favor from God and step up.

What is the favor of God? Elisha and the Shunammite widow are a great example. Favor from God through Elisha delivered a widow from her poverty and the eminent loss of her two sons.

Let’s look closely at what happened. The widow was instructed to gather as many containers as possible to put the supernatural flow of oil into. She was the one who determined how much oil she received because God’s supply was unlimited.

This incident began her relationship with Elisha which put her in contact this miraculous favor from God. Her son was brought back from the dead, and seven years later, when she returned from the famine, her story moved the heart of the king to restore all her possessions.

Is it hard for you to believe that God is all about increase? His desire to increase His children both spiritually and in material wealth. Why else would He talk of storing up of the wealth of the wicked for the righteous?

Favor From God Brings Wealth

Faith in God’s favor is what will open the doors to that wealth so that we can be God’s instruments of blessings to others. God wants us to enjoy His blessings but also put them to use for the building up of His kingdom.

The expectation of being favored by God needs to explode on the inside of you, in your thinking. If this doesn’t happen. then you will limit the favor from God working in your life. Do not sell yourself short or God short.

Don’t be like the guy fishing who kept throwing the big fish back. He had to because he only had a 10-inch frying pan to cook them in. Make room in your thinking for God to operate big. You determine how little or how big He is able to bless you.

Key To Activating Favor From God

A powerful method to help grow your faith and expectation to see to have favor with God is to follow some simple instructions found in Psalm 35:27. It says, “Let them say continually:’Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His people.'”

Say this constantly and what your expectations of favor from God grow. Then watch awesome things come within your reach. Your future is bright in the Lord. Don’t settle for second best anymore and walk in favor with God.

Michael and Charleen

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