When God Says Fear Not In the Bible, Do You Listen?

Fear Not In The Bible

There are over 300 places where God or Jesus says fear not in the Bible. There is no hidden or complicated meaning here. Why don’t more people listen to this, though? Fear Not in the Bible

Do I need to remind you that God is all wise? He knows what He is talking about. When God says fear not in the Bible, we should listen.

Fear is very destructive because it gives the enemy access into your life to steal, kill and destroy those things that are most precious.

One such fear not verse that comes to mind is when the disciples see Jesus walking on the water. Everyone in the boat except Peter were afraid. Peter was
able to get past the fear quickly and step out in faith.

The fear the disciples were feeling robbed them of an opportunity to become bolder.

Job’s Fear Not In the Bible

I heard a sermon a while back explaining how the devil was able to gain access to Job. The Lord’s protection around Job was not random.

Job honored the Lord in almost all of his dealings. God’s protection is a result of our obedience and faith and love in Him.

How could God possibly give the devil permission to attack him? Because Job had already done so with his fear. He was not following the instruction
to fear not in the Bible.

Job said the thing he greatly feared had happened after his children were killed. Fear will punch a hole in your wall of protection.

The scripture fear not for I am with you from Isaiah 41 tells us why we don’t have to be afraid. God says He will make us strong and He is the One who will hold us up.

Fear Not in the Bible vs. Fear of the Lord

Now this may sound a bit confusing, but we are also instructed in the Bible to fear the Lord. We know that we are not supposed to have fear, but then we are
told the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. What is the deal?

First of all, fear is not of God. He doesn’t operate in the realm of fear. He operates in love.

Just like many English words have two or three or four meanings, the Hebrew word “yare” has more than one meaning related to fear. The other meaning has to do with a sense of awe and wonder and reverence.

You can see now that God doesn’t want us trembling in fright before Him expecting Him to smack us down. He does ask that we respond to His presence and His Word with unmatched reverence and awe. That would be logical since He is so great and His love knows no bounds.

This sense of awe might be like how you would respond to a total stranger risking their life to save you from some danger.

That explains how God says in Isaiah 42:20 that He will “put His fear in our hearts” so that it would not be easy for us to walk away from Him. He says that this would be the best thing for us and our children.

We know personally how this feels. The stupidest thing in the world for us to do would be to turn our backs on our Heavenly Father. Now do we understand
everything that happens? No.

Whether it is fear not in the Bible or the fear of the Lord, we trust that He will make it all work out in the end.

Mike and Charleen

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