Feed on The Faithfulness of God and Step Into the Miraculous

The Faithfulness of God

It is time for Christians to feed on the faithfulness of God. In fact, it is past time. He  instructed us to do this over 3000 years ago. When are we going to get it? The Faithfulness of God

Folks in Louisiana love to eat. Whether it is a hot bowl of crawfish bisque or a cool slice of Mississippi mud pie, we get serious when it comes to the pulling up to the table.

Just as we need food for our physical bodies, we need to feed on the faithfulness of God for our spiritual food.

Without it, our spiritual lives get swept under the rug of the stress and temptations that our lives bring.

You probably know that we exist not only on a physical level. We are spiritual beings that live in a body with a soul. The highest level of our existence is the spiritual one. Why do we usually tend to neglect it?

Imagine what it would be like if you were ruled by your body or by your soul, your feelings and desires. Actually, you probably don’t have to imagine it. That is why things are in such a mess for us.

Our spirit man, in union with the Spirit of God, is supposed to be ruling the other two. Your spirit man can’t do this without feeding on the faithfulness of God.

When we happen to do this, it is called walking by the Spirit, and that is where we can access the gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit that the Bible describes. What an awesome place to be.

Without spiritual food, we become weak spiritually flabby and our faith is weak and limited. This is turn limits the miraculous power of God working through us.

Jesus experienced this same thing when the faith of those around him was weak.

The idea of feeding on the faithfulness of God is different than just thinking about Him. When you recall how Gods faithfulness has delivered you out of trouble in the past, draw strength and nourishment from it.

The Faithfulness of God 5-Course Meal

How can we feed on the faithfulness of God? Keep in mind that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.

We are creatures of habit. We typically eat 3 meals a day and some of us do more than that. Use your meal times as a reminder to also feed on the the faithfulness of God.

1) Your main course is always the Word of God. Don’t just read it, though. Engage yourself in Jesus, the Word made flesh, by meditating and asking the Lord how He wants you to apply the Word in your life.

2) Regularly spend time worshiping the Lord in song and praise, not just on Sunday’s. Your worship honors Him and invites His glorious presence.

3) Talk with the Lord giving Him thanks, rolling your cares on Him, and making sure YOUR words stay in agreement with His.

4) Be about your Heavenly Father’s business, seeking and following His directions and speaking life and blessing, not death or curses.

5) Control your thought life by bringing every thought captive to the obedience of God’s Word.

Make this 5-course meal on the faithfulness of God a regular part of your diet and step into the miraculous things of God.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. Help is available to adjust your diet to THE FAITHFULNESS OF GOD by checking out our Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams at the link above.

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