Fighting Temptations That Christian Men Face

To be successful at fighting temptations, Christian men should never let anyone know about the struggles they are facing. If you believe that statement, then you must have missed a lot of Sunday school when you were young.

Are You Fighting Temptations?

It is true that Christian men struggle a lot with letting other men in on their private struggles. I believe they think it is a sign of weakness to do this, and that is when that old ugly head of pride kicks in. As a result, they sink deeper and deeper into the grip of some particular temptation.

For the most part, all men have to face the same type of temptations. Being a Christian can sometimes mean that you will have more intense temptations to face. Do any of these temptations sound familiar?

Fighting Temptations List

Have you had to deal with fighting temptations related to responding harshly to your wife or child, or the constant struggle with keeping your eyes,ears, and hearts pure from the filth on TV and the internet, or working with complete integrity at your job, or keeping your motivations Godly when it comes to gaining wealth and promotion?

As Christians we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus has experienced and overcome every temptation known to man. His grace and mercy is available to us all to help get us back on the right path.

The temptations of Jesus can be one source of help to us. You know the story of Christ’s temptation and I won’t repeat it here. Here is one view that you probably

Fighting Temptations 3 P’s

The first temptation of Jesus had to do with provision. The second temptation of Jesus had to deal with protection and the third temptation of Jesus involved position. Are these not 3 very common temptations to men, even Christian men?

While some temptations involve the ugly side of our worldly nature, fighting temptations like these are noble and we must learn how to fight successfully.

As Christian fathers and husbands, part of our God-given role is to be ultimately responsible for our family’s provision for material and spiritual needs. Sometimes there are lines or temptations that we may cross in order to fulfill this responsibility. That is because we have lost sight of the fact that our Heavenly Father is the only true source of our provision.

Another God-given role is one of being a protector of the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our family. This is becoming increasingly more troublesome in the violent times we are living in.

The third area of temptation has to do with ambition. There is such a thing as Godly ambition in that we have been called to be the head, to be above only, and to be in a wealthy position of lending and not borrowing. This is found in Deuteronomy 28.

We must be very careful not to resort to ungodly methods of reaching these positions in life. We must be careful to make sure that we honor the Lord in all that we do. He is the one who will promote us in due time.

Fighting temptations successfully must also be done day after day because the temptations rarely go away. That is why Godly men need assistance from other Godly men.

There is help now for you through the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams(CMDT). I invite you now to check out how these teams can help you in

Michael Ecuyer
CMDT Co-Founder

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