God Is Moving To See That Your Destiny Is Unlocked

God Is Moving on Your Behalf

We are entering a season where God is moving in special ways to get His people positioned for their destiny. God has always been in the restoring business, but we have an important part to play in this process. God Is Moving

There are really two important things that we have to keep in mind to make sure that we are positioned to jump into a move of God.

We need to recall the covenant that we have with God through Jesus Christ for all the promises available to us as the sons and daughters of the Creator of the universe.

God takes covenants very seriously and it is the basis for His relationship with us.

The other little detail that will help us stay correctly positioned when God is moving on our behalf is being strong in faith.

When our faith is strong, we are able to trust God. When we trust God, it is easier for us to obey Him.

God Is Moving Examples

There are so many examples in the Bible where God is moving to restore His covenant people. We are now His covenant people through Christ.

We will focus on accounts in the New Testament where God moves through His Son to bring restoration.

Bartimaeus was a blind man who heard that Jesus had entered his town and began calling loudly. He did this because He obviously knew what Jesus was capable of doing. He would not be hindered by the crowd and saw his moment of restoration.

A possessed man in Gadarene had his whole life stolen from him by the enemy. Jesus’ encounter with him was not by chance.

Because of this man’s deliverance, his testimony was able to go out to a 10 city region. This man had his destiny unlocked.

Just because it looks like the enemy has had the upper hand in your life or in the life of a loved one, God moves when you stay in confident expectation. God moves in mysterious ways.

We all recall the storm tossing the boat when Jesus comes out to the disciples walking on the water. Peter responded to God moving in a miraculous way.

This was the same Peter who had earlier cowered in shame telling the Lord to leave him because he was a sinful man.

Don’t run from the storms in your life. Look to see how God is moving for both your deliverance and the open door to your destiny in Christ.

The woman who suffered from internal bleeding for 12 years had her health restored because she was willing to move past the cultural and physical barriers in her way.

Get focused on the fact that God is moving on your behalf for restoration to come to you.

God Is Moving To Open Your Doors

The only thing capable of preventing God from restoring all that has been stolen from us and bringing us to our place of destiny in Christ is ourselves.

We cannot remain weak in faith any longer. We must be bold in exercising our faith to hold the enemy at bay.

Michael and Charleen

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