Do You Want To Be A Part of God’s Transfer Of Wealth?

God’s Transfer of Wealth

There is a transfer of wealth that has begun. Do you want to part of God’s plan to release the resources that have been held up for those who walk in covenant with His Son, Jesus Christ? Transfer of Wealth

I know there are many Christians that believe the world’s wealth has nothing to do with the Body of Christ.

Wealth is not evil. Serving and loving riches is where you get into big trouble.

We are warned not to pursue wealth above God. We are, however, to expect the Lord’s blessings to come after us and to expect a harvest when we sow into the Kingdom of God.

Transfer of Wealth For Christians?

If wealth is not for the people of God, why does Scripture talk so much about seeds being multiplied, about abundant provision, about a huge increase of houses and lands and family relationships coming to us now in this age?

Being materially wealthy or rich is just one aspect of our Father’s great blessings. In fact, it is the lowest level, but it is still important to Him. Why did Jesus say the Gospel was to be preached to the poor?

He said that because they needed to know they didn’t have to stay that way. The same was true for the blind, for the brokenhearted, and for those who were held captive.

In 2 Corinthians 8, Paul also talks about Jesus taking our poverty from us so that we might become rich. The context of this chapter is not spiritual, but material riches.

The wealth of this world belongs to God. The problem is the Church has not bothered to be a part of the transfer of wealth so that God’s riches can get back into the right hands. The wealth of the wicked or ungodly is being stored up for us!

Wealth is simply a tool to be used for good or for bad. Those with wealth are able to influence the circumstances around them. The Body of Christ is also supposed to be operating in places of influence and leadership.

God’s transfer of wealth is NOT Obama economics. It is not the socialistic distribution of wealth. It is not Robin Hood taking care of the poor.

If you are a Christian, stop being afraid of wealth. God’s needs His children to step up and become the Godly stewards of His wealth. We will be judged on how well we steward all of God’s kingdom blessings.

God even said that He takes delight in the prosperity of His people. How would you feel if your children end up begging and barely scraping by? You would most likely feel like a failure. God and prosperity are one and the same.

Transfer of Wealth Steps

How can you be God’s steward in this transfer of wealth? You first must be adopted into His family by faith in Jesus Christ. After that, there are 4 steps to follow.

1) Sow or give where God says to give,
2) Bind the strongman over your inheritance (exercise your authority),
3) Exercise your faith in your harvest, and
4) Activate the blessing of Abraham.

Michael and Charleen

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