Home Schooler Takes On Today’s Average College Costs

Ladies and Gentlemen…

In this corner, we have today’s average college costs.

In the other corner, we have the American home schooler who just graduated from high school.

College costs really look bulked up and ready for this fight. The average cost of college in America looks tough to beat.

You are looking at tuition and fees, room and board, out-of-state fees, transportation costs, extra living expenses,and hopefully no legal fees to get bailed out of jail.

The hefty price tag for one year with this seasoned fighter is about $17,000 for the public state colleges.

The scales are really tipping over for the private universities at about $40,000 a year.

The American home schooler has a look of determination in his eyes, though. The word we have from his trainer is that he plans on employing a rather unique strategy.

On the surface folks, this doesn’t look like much of a contest.

There’s the bell!

Today’s average college cost really comes out swinging but this home schooling lad is quick on his feet and a great counter-puncher.

ROUND 1: The home schooler got the edge by using the CLEP testing service to get 30 college credits without paying a dime in tuition and cutting costs by much more than 50%.

ROUND 2: Average college costs is getting winded as his challenger is now using the DANTES testing service in addition to CLEP to attain college credits related to his choice for a bachelor’s degree.

ROUND 3:Things are really looking bad for the university champion as this wise opponent has transferred 90 college credits to a regionally accredited online university.

ROUND 4: The home schooler is the new champion over today’s average college costs with a knock-out by finishing his senior year with on-line classes and is holding his undergraduate high for everyone to see.

The awesome thing about this match is that it is no fantasy.

This strategy is available for all, whether you home school or not.

Be a part of the college revolution by knocking out America’s average college costs.

Get some more training on preparing yourself to deal with the AVERAGE COLLEGE COST in your home state.

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