How Can God Work Recovery and Restoration in Your Life?

Recovery and Restoration

Recovery and restoration of the things you have lost or the things that have been stolen from you is about to happen. After learning about these 3 keys, you will be able to recover all. Recovery and Restoration

I know we are in good company because we have all lost something precious to us. We either lost it or it was stolen from us.

Do you remember how you felt when it happened? Your feelings most likely ranged from anger to sadness to fear. The fear is usually related to the possibility
of losing or being robbed again.

The Recovery and Restoration Boss

We know someone who is in the recovery and restoration business and we would like to introduce Him to you. We are not talking about Dr. Phil or Larry Boy.

God has been in the recovery and restoration business ever since Adam and Eve bit the nasty apple of the knowledge of good and evil. He started working with
certain faithful people to get things started.

He then sent His Son to really get things moving and finally finish the job off.

Until Jesus comes back to close this deal for good, it is up to the Church to activate the grace available for restoration and recovery to happen right now.

What have you lost or what has been stolen from you?

Some of the most painful losses are relationships. Many have lost their sense of wholeness or peace. Many have never realized their true identity and destiny. Most have never achieved their place of provision and abundance that God promises.

We are not bringing this up to make you depressed again over your losses. You need to know that God has always wanted to restore your losses, no matter what
the circumstances were.

The big problem is that almost all Christians have also had their boldness or warrior mentality stolen from them. It is called passivity.

While we are taught to turn the other cheek when dealing with others, we are also called to be ruthless when it comes to the tricks and attacks from our enemy.

We are supposed to be more than over-comers in Christ. All things are supposed to be possible in Christ. Right?

If God is in the recovery and restoration business, why then is most of the Church suffering with such huge losses?

Most of the Church has not taken the steps to position themselves to have their losses recovered and restored. What are these steps that will enable God’s
grace to flow for recovery and restoration?

 3 Recovery and Restoration Steps

1) We need to learn how to bind the strong man. The strong man, the robber, the thief has gained access to your stuff. He needs to be bound by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

2) We need to make sure that we are standing in righteousness. This doesn’t mean you are sinless but it does mean that you bring all sin under the cleansing
blood of Jesus with a genuine heart of repentance.

3) We need to stand in faith in this process and joyfully expect to see God move to recover all for us just like He did for David.

Your other option is to just keep accepting your losses and live  with it.

Prayerfully commit to these three steps  and expect to see those broken relationships restored.

Expect to see the path form to your God-given identity and destiny. Expect to live the abundant life where there is no lack and you have more than enough. Expect the peace of God to rule over your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. RECOVERY AND RESTORATION from the throne room of God are yours now. On-line Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams are forming now to help get the ball rolling for you.

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