How To Be A World Changer In Your Community Now

How To Be A World Changer

We are here to show you how to be a world changer by joining with Hope N Him Ministries in their project called Occupy Luke 9:13. Our nation desperately needs world changers in these troubled times.How To Be A World Changer

This is an awesome chance for your whole family to learn how to be a world changer by ministering to families in your neighborhood.

If you like, you can also ask for prayer requests and create service teams to help your neighbors with tasks around the house.

The big picture is that you and your church can “occupy” your neighborhood by bringing families together to prepare for natural and economic hardships that arise in the future.

Storable gourmet  food packets (that are easy to prepare) with a 25 year shelf life are  just the right ticket to make this happen.

How To Be A World Changer
In Your Neighborhood

Do you want to know how to be a world a changer? As is the case with many good things in life, it all starts with a desire to help others and GREAT FOOD.

And we have made this so simple for you to get started. Be a world changer by helping your neighborhood get prepared for whatever storms are coming. Be a “Joseph” to your community.

To get you started, WE WILL COVER HALF the shipping costs (through Paypal) for you to get your delicious and storable gourmet FREE 15 Serving Go Foods Global Sample Pack, if you promise to eat it! There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you. This is not some junk food either. Check out the website here:     OCCUPY LUKE 19:13

How does Occupy Luke 19:13 work?    

1) With each GoFoodsGlobal packet you get (no requirements) to help prepare your own family, donate one or more items to be set aside for emergency needs in your neighborhood,

2) Speak to your pastor about your church being an Occupy Luke 19:13 storage and distribution center for your area. Interested churches throughout your community can be established as collection and distribution centers,

3) Each church will agree to store these gourmet food packets  and distribute them in times of emergency, whether during natural or economic events,

4) Share this community–changing opportunity with all your neighbors through a simple gift (optional – just ask us how),

5) The GoFoodsGlobal products are great for preparation purposes, but they also are great for senior citizens who have difficulty cooking, for college students away from home, and for getting a tasty meal on the table in a hurry.

6) We suggest that you first check the GoFoodsGlobal website link above and order your FREE Sample Pack. You will be charged $9.99 for shipping/handling.

Come back to this  Occupy Luke 19:13 blog page and send your name and email address (connected to your paypal account) and we will cover HALF of the shipping costs to your paypal account. It’s okay if you don’t have an account. It’s easy and free to set one up. Our email address is:

7) Once you have enjoyed GoFoodGlobal’s delicious meals, it’s time to make a decision. You can be a world changer in your community as a preferred customer or as an independent Occupy Luke 19:13 partner.

How To Be A World Changer –

10% or more of all proceeds will be donated to 2 excellent ministries that are getting troubled youth off of our streets and giving them a chance at a new life in Christ:

1) Teen Challenge Ministries and

2) Eddie James Dreamlife Homes.

What is a world changer? It’s time to discover how to be a world changer and change your world one family, one young person, and one neighborhood at a time.

Michael and Charleen

P.S. You don’t have to wonder HOW TO BE A WORLD CHANGER any longer. Start the journey NOW.


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