Learn How To Seek God First and Enjoy The Fullness of His Blessings

How To Seek God First

Once you set your heart on how to seek God first, you will end up finding more than you ever imagined. As you seek God, you will discover the secret to happiness, fulfillment, peace, and provision. How To Seek God First

Whenever anyone is seeking something or someone, they must have a starting point to begin their search.

God chose in His infinite wisdom to reveal who He is through His Son, Jesus Christ. He is our starting point.

There is no way around this. You can find aspects of God in nature, in others, and in serving others. You will not truly learn how to seek God and find Him apart from Jesus.

Now that you know what the starting point is in how to seek God first, let’s move on.

How To Seek God First Details

The first detail on how to seek God first is that you must do it with genuine passion.

Remember how you sought after the affection of your spouse before you got married? Hopefully you are still seeking to love your spouse with that same kind of passion.

In other words, there is a sense of being consumed by your search for the heart of your Creator, your Heavenly Father. This is a life long search that will never disappoint and will bring constant and bountiful rewards.

The challenge is that there is so much out there competing for our attention. We have access to the millions of discoveries and experiences of others through the internet. We have learned that we have to limit our time spent there.

The second important detail in discovering how to seek God first is seeking not just His Presence but His will also. God’s will is seeing His kingdom being spread across this earth in the hearts of men and women.

You know how to seek the kingdom of God when you are engaged in wanting this to happen also.

The third detail in finding how to seek God first is through your use of your time. Give God the first part of your day. Give God the first part of your week, of each month, and of each year. Do this by remembering Him and celebrating Him.

The fourth and final detail in learning how to seek God first is giving Him first place in your activities. Invite Him to direct you, guide you, correct you, and bless you in all you put your hand to.

How To Seek God First Rewards

The 6th chapter of Hebrews tells us that God rewards those who diligently seek Him. This should not be a tough concept to accept. As parents, don’t we look for and hope for chances to reward our children?

The really awesome thing is that God’s blessings have no limit. He wants us to be fulfilled in every aspect of our lives, not just the spiritual part. Seek first the kingdom of God and watch all things get added to you.

Michael and Charleen

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