Is It Possible To Have A Pure Heart in Today’s Culture?

Is it possible to have a pure heart with all the easy access to today’s media entertainment that provokes lustful desires? Scriptures like, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”from Matthew 5:8, rush at us like the ocean tide.

They give us wide expectant eyes encouraging a belief that we will truly see God Himself. As years go by, however, we begin to recognize the wretchedness of our flesh. This noble quest for a life of purity may start to seem completely unattainable.

What exactly does it mean to have a pure heart?

The New Testament Greek Lexicon tells us the word for purity or pure is “katharos”. This can mean clean, having a physical purity, being purified
by fire, like a vine cleansed by pruning so it is prepared to bear fruit.

This word also means being free from corrupt desire or free from sin and guilt. Related meanings involve being free from that which is false, being genuine, being without blame or innocent, or being unstained with guilt.

To a mere man this may seem like an unachievable state of being. But I have heard before that all things are possible with God.

Endless reports flood us of fall after fall of once moral and ethical men and women who have failed to keep a pure heart. These failures end up bringing great offense to their ministries, to Christianity, and to the name of Christ!

In the past years we have heard of many pastors secretly suffering with pornographic addictions, yet still keeping their positions of leadership.

Infidelity has been the demise of an enormous number of marriages that could have been preserved if having a pure heart was a priority. And today, lying
seems to be perfectly accepted as normal behavior.  Where are those with a pure heart and truthful lips who shall ascend to the hill of the Lord spoken of in   Psalm 24:3-5?

They are rapidly disappearing.

Pure Heart Secret

History has shown us that the one place to find the answers for every struggle to attain purity is God’s Holy Word. As we conclude the first of part of looking at the possibility of having a pure heart in today’s culture, let’s meditate on 1 Peter 2:2. It says,”like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.”

And Hebrews 5:13 says,”Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness.” The Bible will help shine light on the path to having and keeping a pure heart.

As an interesting note, the Greek word for salvation, “soteria”, refers to what we typically think of as salvation: deliverance, preservation, and safety for our souls. It also can mean being delivered from the pleasure of sin.

If having a pure heart has been a challenge, you have a lot of company. Ask the Lord for forgiveness for your past mistakes, and ask for Him to put a longing in your heart for the pure milk of the Word.

Your path to a pure heart will become clearer and easier to maintain. And Yes, with the Lord’s help, you can have a pure heart.

Charleen Ecuyer
P. S. A PURE HEART is that much easier when you get into God’s perfect timing. GO to the link above for a great way to do that.

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