Keep The Sabbath Or Ignore It

3 Minutes Will Change Your Family Forever!

What happens if someone decides to keep the Sabbath?

The simple answer is that it will release blessings into your life, especially your business endeavors. It’s a rather simple concept.

It wasn’ that long ago, maybe 35 years, when businesses started to ignore observing the Sabbath. Or should I say business owners.

God is not against us having wealth. He is against wealth having us in its grips. He knows the result of this situation – ultimate ruin.

God instructed us to keep the Sabbath as a way to imitate Him, follow in His footsteps. Is that such a horrible thing?

Here’s a no-brainer folks – REST. We were created with a need for rest. When we ignore that need, when we ignore God, we will suffer the consequences. Your health, your family, and your pocket book may suffer. That is not God’s will for us.

What we do with our times of relaxation says a lot about us. It reflects what our priorities are, what we value. So, what’s really important to you?

The seventh day Sabbath is not complicated. The Jewish people were instructed to observe the Sabbath on a Saturday, every 7 days. Almost all Christians recognize Sunday’s as the Sabbath. Is it more than just going to a church service to you, though? We hope not. We encourage you to rediscover the power that can be released into your life as you keep the Sabbath.

Pleas forgive if we don’t stop here. There is also something called the Sabbath year. You guessed it. God introduced the coolest vacation idea in resting every 7 th year from your labors. We bet this one just blows you away.

What does all this have to do with?  It has to do with effective time management. People and companies spend lots of money on courses to teach them how to manage their time.

Our message here doesn’t cost you a dime, but just a little time. ¬†Christians have no excuse when it comes to time to time management. We’re not saying we never complain about not having enough time.

We ‘re just saying that the Christian time management concepts above, will set you on a new path to success if you begin to put them into practice.

To get started, pick just one new way you can keep the Sabbath and ask the Lord to bless your efforts to honor Him. And expect His blessings to come!

Mike and Charleen

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