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Let me say right up front that I am no online marketing genius and I’m not going to hand you that pitiful line about making thousands of dollars every month on the internet.

My heart is to empower Dads to fulfill their God-given roles to their families. One of those roles is to be an instrument in God’s hands to bring forth abundant provision for your family and others around you.

Depending on the type of home-based business you want to build, you must either attract customers, team members, or both. To do that, we will now  look at the 3rd component of a successful family home business: you need an easy, effective marketing system and simple training to follow and duplicate for your team.

There are hundreds of online marketing systems available and some of them cost quite a bit. My goal is always to keep start-up costs as low as possible and even free. Gaining online marketing skills may be a slow process but don’t get discouraged. Remember the reason you are pursuing this.

Here is a recommended list with brief descriptions:

1) Netdivvy – An excellent FREE system with a variety of training and tools.

2) Biglistbigsales – A FREE team-building marketing system authored by a very personable and dedicated young man that provides training in using traffic exchanges (accumulate advertising credits by visiting websites) and safelists ( accumulate advertising credits by reading emails directing you to websites).

3) Wealth Creation Network – This is a thorough but FREE marketing and training system with a built-in autoresponder (team-building email tool that every marketer needs) funded through multiple trial offer programs.

4)  Prosperity Marketing System – An excellent low cost system ($27 lifetime with 60 day guarantee) for internet beginners with built-in training and team building tools.

5) Downline Partners – A FREE fully customized team building and business opportunity advertising platform.

All of these systems have built-in opportunities to generate income with little to no costs. The goal here is to get a variety of online marketing/advertising training experience under your belt.   

Remember, you must be able to commit a small amount of time such as 30-60 minutes (including prayer) several  days a week. Set a schedule for yourself, include family members if possible, and do your best to stick to that schedule.

A now we will move on to those elusive “Can’t Lose” business opportunites that we have found if you are looking for some options. These awesome online businesses fall somewhere into what we call the 3 P’s:

1) Provision

2) Preparation

3) Protection

All of these are vital necessities when it comes to family.


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  1. Thanks for all these tips! Great Blog. Thanks for sharing.

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