My Help Is From the Lord Is The Foundation For Living Like a King

My Help Is From the Lord

If you base your life on the truth of “my help is from the Lord“, you are headed for victory in all you do. That’s a pretty bold statement, but if you really believe God’s Word, you should be able to run with this. My Help Is From The Lord

God’s help is available to us through His Mighty Word. It doesn’t work like a spell or magical incantations.

That’s the enemy’s counterfeit attempt to be like God. That Harry port-a-potty stuff makes me sick.

David could say my help is from the Lord because his heart was established on God’s Word. He believed this with all his heart, and that is how he was able to take the big guy down.

Why do you think God told Joshua that meditating on the Word constantly would bring him success and prosperity? God’s written and spoken word bring life and victory and limitless blessings fit for a king.

I believe that my help is from the Lord, and faith in that opens the door for me to live like a king. Paul says in Romans we can reign in life through Jesus, who is what? He is the Word made flesh.

    My Help Is From the Lord                              Says The King

So what does a king live like?

Kings have “authority breath” because when they say something, it happens. Kings expect this. Can we say the same thing of ourselves?

Jesus marveled at the centurion who had great faith because he expected his word to make things happen.

Jesus also wanted His disciples to copy His behavior and believe that the things they spoke would come to pass. Jesus knew that could only happen by faith, and we all know that faith comes by what? HEARING THE WORD!

Kings also live in wealth and riches. I went ahead and said those dirty words that Christians should never say.

Our Heavenly Father wants us living in riches so we can spread His kingdom glory. Moses was speaking by God’s instruction when he told Israel that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from His mouth.

He immediately goes on to speak of great material riches that will be theirs if they live by God’s words. It was also important to remember that God is the one that gave them the power to get wealth.

A wise king would say my help is from the Lord and live by those words.

The last thing that describes how a king lives is that they rule with justice. That king is in charge and his position is to benefit those under his influence.

Did God not command us to take dominion over the things around us? He wasn’t saying we were all supposed to be zookeepers.

God also said we were to be the head, to be above only, and to lend to many nations. That all means to be in charge, to be victorious, and to be rich.

Jesus released His kingdom rule wherever He went. We are supposed to extend or continue His rule here on earth.

 My Help Is From the Lord WARNING

Don’t water down the promises of God. Don’t base the meaning or power of God’s Word on your puny experience.

Get in His Word, feed on His Word, speak out His Word, act upon His Word, and live like the king He said you were to be.


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