Quitters Don’t Reach Their Destinies

Quitters are becoming more plentiful these days. People quit their marriages and their families and their jobs on a regular basis now. Please excuse my bluntness, but are you a quitter?

If you are, or if you have quit something important in your life, you can do something about it.

Things were not always like this. History is full of stories of individuals, both famous and unknown, who refused to quit in the face of overwhelming odds.

Quitters Don’t Make History

One of my favorites is Abraham Lincoln. He started a couple of businesses which failed and ran for public office several times and lost before he became President of the United States. You would think he was a glutton for punishment. He was determined to see something done about the slavery issue.

I know personally what it feels like to run for office and lose. I don’t know if I will step back into the political field again but I can tell you it was extremely discouraging after putting all that effort into it.

While quitters know no distinction between races or gender or age, it is one thing to quit a simple project at home and it is another thing to quit a job that will affect your whole family. Quitting almost always has some negative side effects.

The real danger, though starts when someone begins to develop a habit of quitting when things get tough. The important things in life always come
with challenges, and we must be prepared to push through those tough situations.

Rocky Doesn’t Play With Quitters

Almost everyone is familiar with the movie series Rocky. I think his movies were so popular because they helped to spur us on to keep working and fighting for something that was important.

Not giving up is one of the most important character traits we can ever develop in our lives. Every research study that has looked at the traits of the wealthy includes persistence. To succeed in life, whether you are talking money or health or family, you can’t afford to join the ranks of the quitters.

Quitters and Destiny Don’t Match

You have a destiny that was established by God to succeed in life, but you won’t ever reach it if quitting is an easy option. Quitters never win. If you have developed a habit of quitting or have shown this tendency to quit before, I am here to tell you that all is not lost, if you are a man.

All is not lost if you are a woman, but I can’t be of any practical help to women in this position. I have created a program that is designed to assist men in discovering their destiny and in achieving their God-given destiny.

It is called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams (CMDT) and being on one of these on-line teams will make it difficult for you to remain a quitter. It is much easier to drop out of the race if you are on your own. These teams will give their team members encouragement, counsel, and prayer support.

Get off the QUITTERS team and see your destiny come to pass by joining our teams at the link above.

Michael Ecuyer
CMDT Co-Founder

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