Silver Eagle Teams

SILVER/GOLD EAGLES and $100 Commissions

Assist 3 Fellow Entrepreneurs With This Amazing Program

Built In Advertising Options Managed For You

Let The RDS Sales Phone Team Close Your Sales !

Listen To The Short Recorded 1-800 Call Below – No Obligation









Payment can be made by money order or your credit card. You can join by either mailing in the order form or by phone. This program is genuine. I called to see if my 3 fellow entrepreneurs received their $100 payments and they confirmed that they did. This is the easiest program around to promote because there is a built in mail-out. Let’s help each other receive a load of Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles too.

To me the best part about the Silver Eagle Express opportunity is that you get to help 3 fellow entrepreneurs get started in their home business adventure. I love it! 

I even have a Totally FREE Marketing Platform that you can use. Check It out – there’s absolutely NO cost. ¬†Here is a description with more details about this easy platform that will BOOST Your Marketing Effectiveness.

We hope you make the wise decision to with join us.

Michael and Charleen Ecuyer

Family Life Destinies 5776

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