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Godly Men and The Plague of Pornography Are Battling In The Ring

Godly Men Are Up To The Task

It is time for Godly men to go for the knock-out punch against the deadly foe of pornography. The battle has been hidden away for too long. Christian men
all over the world now have the winning edge. Godly Men

Actually, Godly men have had all the skills and tools needed to deal with the plague of an addiction to porn.

They just needed the right strategy to get the victory
that is so important.

Studies show that Christian men struggle with this battle just as much as non-believers. With the universal access to the internet, most men face this horrific temptation up to ten times on a daily basis. Those are not good odds.

The Battle of Godly Men

This battle has become so huge that it is accepted as fact that the biggest struggle men in the Church face is with sexual temptation, most notably pornography.

The numbers are staggering when it comes viewing sexual content and that includes Godly men and even pastors. The percentage is close to 70%.

Is it a wonder that church attendance by men is so poor? Is it a wonder that the men who are attending church are typically not involved or engaged in meaningful relationships and activities there?

One of the biggest barriers to spiritual growth among Godly men is pornography. It creates a sense of hopelessness and self-hatred. Men then tend to isolate themselves and the enemy has won. At least he thinks he has won.

The enemy wants passive men who feel that they can no longer please God and feel that they are stuck spiritually. They take a pass and women have to take up the slack.

This sad condition among Godly men has started to change. The tide has turned and Christian men are learning how to deliver the knock-out punch to the enemy and his x-rated schemes.

Godly Men Can Now Win

This knock-out power is an amazingly simple strategy for Godly men to use and it is called the Power of Four.

When Godly men get engaged in the Word of God at least 4 times a week, their ability to resist sexual temptation is magnified. The percentage falling to the plague of pornography numbers drop from 70% to about 40%.

Being engaged in the Word is not just reading it, but also meditating on it and actively pursuing ways to apply it to your life.

The Gospel of John talks about letting the Word abide in you – letting it become part of you. That’s when you bear much fruit.

That is a pretty significant drop. It gets better, though. If these same Godly men also participate in some type of ongoing men’s fellowship activity, the numbers drop almost another 30% points.

This fellowship may be meeting periodically with a Godly man, involved in a ministry to men, or participating in a small group like a Bible study.

I’m tired of hearing about Christians who don’t look or live any different than non-Christians. Another result of these 2 activities is that there is marked reduction in destructive behaviors by men such as drunkenness, adultery/fornication, and gambling.

I just heard the bell and the fight is over. Godly men just put pornography out of commission.

Michael Ecuyer

P.S. On-line teams of GODLY MEN are forming now called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams and they will help get in the winning corner at the link above.

Christian Homeschooling and the Destiny of Men

Christian homeschooling is strategically positioned in our culture to usher in a new era of reform. We have witnessed the failure of our governments to make the necessary changes for many years.

The Christian homeschooling community in America has the awesome opportunity to not only influence the fabric of our society, but also to be a
nation-changing light to countries that have allowed homeschooling to take root.

Christian Homeschooling Fathers

While homeschooling families typically focus on moms educating their children with Christian-based curriculum, the role of the father in this setting must make a shift. Men can no longer be satisfied to take a back seat.

Christian fathers and husbands must step up and go beyond their accepted role of simply providing support for their wives in the vital task of homeschooling.

Why am I saying this? Because Christian men need to provide loving direction and apply Godly wisdom to the thoughts and goals of their children. It is very important that our children begin to look at the future the Lord has established for them at any early age.

Christian Homeschooling Destiny

The Godly destinies of our children, once they become reality, have the power to change the destructive course that America has been on for the last 50 years. Christian homeschooling Moms and Dads have the primary responsibility to provide their children with the spiritual instruction and practical support to see that this happens.

The first key towards creating this “destiny atmosphere” in your home is for Dad and Mom to be living out their God-given destinies. This is no easy task as I am sure you are aware. Your destiny will not just fall into your lap. It is something you must pursue relentlessly with Godly help.

By successfully living out your destiny in front of your home schooled children, you are giving them a path to follow that will change this nation and the world. We are establishing the next generation of world-changers. Is this not fantastic news?

Christian Homeschooling World-Changers

Do you think this is grandiose thinking? Were we not called and given the anointing to change this world through the blood and love of Christ ?
Obviously, the power word in Christian homeschooling is not homeschooling but in the fact that it is based in the life-giving power of Christ.

I believe the vast majority of Christian men are not walking in their destiny because they don’t really know what their destiny is in Jesus. This condition cannot continue. As Christian homeschoolers, we are missing out on the chance of giving our children the living examples of our lives in fulfilling our destinies.

I am 52 years old and I have a good sense of what my destiny is in Jesus. The place I have struggled in big-time is walking it out. I finally realized that I needed to have committed support from other Godly men to help me achieve my destiny.

That is why I believe the Lord has directed me to establish the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams(CMDT). These online teams of 4 men are structured to help other men discover and walk out their destinies.

To get more detailed information about how these teams operate in the context of CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLING and how you can discover your destiny,
please follow the link above now.

Michael Ecuyer
CMDT Co-Founder


You don’t have to be a homeschooler to join one of our teams.

A Much Needed Follow-Up To Promise Keepers

Promise Keepers has done an awesome job of ministering to men all over the United States and overseas for the past 20 years. Their ministry is accomplished through large stadium gatherings where thousands of men can learn how to walk with integrity through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Promise Keepers Beliefs

The core beliefs or the 7 Promises of Promisekeepers are life-changing principles to live by. They are deep principles that demand a commitment in order for them to become pillars of stability in your life.

While the Promise Keeper conferences are emotionally and spiritually moving, there needs to be vehicles that men can hop onto after the conference is over. This follow up needs to be easily accessible for men so they have a way to continue on the path of Godly manhood.

My Promise Keepers Experience

I remember when I attended a conference at the Superdome in New Orleans years ago and became a promise keeper. It was a very powerful spiritual experience for me. I was already a born again Christian but I learned some very useful and practical steps I could take to grow spiritually.

The problem is that this journey of spiritual growth cannot reach its fullest without the companionship of other believers. Several months down the road those powerful principles were now lost in the busyness of my life.

Were there any ways for me to join with some men in my church to keep these Godly principles operating in my life? Yes, but it would have taken a lot of effort and time for me to get those men motivated. As a result, it didn’t happen.

Christian men and women all face this same challenge of keeping our walk of faith and love fresh and alive day after day. There must be a simple way to follow up and build much-needed spiritual momentum just as I needed after attending Promise Keepers.

Effective Promise Keepers Follow Up

To keep that momentum growing for men, something else is required. It is called “fellowship” with a purpose. I know this is a difficult word and activity for most men. Men usually avoid fellowship because it threatens their sense of independence, their sense of being a conqueror.

That is why Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams were developed. These are small teams of 4 men who have a heart to learn about the things of God
and pursue His picture of what it means to be a man. This is not a Bible study and it is done over the internet with skype preferably or chatting.

Whether men will admit it or not, they need the support from other Godly men and it takes courageous to face up to that and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So here is the challenge men. I’m getting up in your face and telling you that it’s okay to say I can’t live a Godly life on my own. I can’t walk with integrity at my job and as a husband and father by myself.

I challenge you to spend 5 minutes right now and learn about this vital follow up to PROMISE KEEPERS here. If you have never attended PK, you are still welcome to become a courageous man of God.

Michael Ecuyer

Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams