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Godly Men and The Plague of Pornography Are Battling In The Ring

Godly Men Are Up To The Task

It is time for Godly men to go for the knock-out punch against the deadly foe of pornography. The battle has been hidden away for too long. Christian men
all over the world now have the winning edge. Godly Men

Actually, Godly men have had all the skills and tools needed to deal with the plague of an addiction to porn.

They just needed the right strategy to get the victory
that is so important.

Studies show that Christian men struggle with this battle just as much as non-believers. With the universal access to the internet, most men face this horrific temptation up to ten times on a daily basis. Those are not good odds.

The Battle of Godly Men

This battle has become so huge that it is accepted as fact that the biggest struggle men in the Church face is with sexual temptation, most notably pornography.

The numbers are staggering when it comes viewing sexual content and that includes Godly men and even pastors. The percentage is close to 70%.

Is it a wonder that church attendance by men is so poor? Is it a wonder that the men who are attending church are typically not involved or engaged in meaningful relationships and activities there?

One of the biggest barriers to spiritual growth among Godly men is pornography. It creates a sense of hopelessness and self-hatred. Men then tend to isolate themselves and the enemy has won. At least he thinks he has won.

The enemy wants passive men who feel that they can no longer please God and feel that they are stuck spiritually. They take a pass and women have to take up the slack.

This sad condition among Godly men has started to change. The tide has turned and Christian men are learning how to deliver the knock-out punch to the enemy and his x-rated schemes.

Godly Men Can Now Win

This knock-out power is an amazingly simple strategy for Godly men to use and it is called the Power of Four.

When Godly men get engaged in the Word of God at least 4 times a week, their ability to resist sexual temptation is magnified. The percentage falling to the plague of pornography numbers drop from 70% to about 40%.

Being engaged in the Word is not just reading it, but also meditating on it and actively pursuing ways to apply it to your life.

The Gospel of John talks about letting the Word abide in you – letting it become part of you. That’s when you bear much fruit.

That is a pretty significant drop. It gets better, though. If these same Godly men also participate in some type of ongoing men’s fellowship activity, the numbers drop almost another 30% points.

This fellowship may be meeting periodically with a Godly man, involved in a ministry to men, or participating in a small group like a Bible study.

I’m tired of hearing about Christians who don’t look or live any different than non-Christians. Another result of these 2 activities is that there is marked reduction in destructive behaviors by men such as drunkenness, adultery/fornication, and gambling.

I just heard the bell and the fight is over. Godly men just put pornography out of commission.

Michael Ecuyer

P.S. On-line teams of GODLY MEN are forming now called the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams and they will help get in the winning corner at the link above.

A Godly Man Must Pursue His Destiny

The definition of a Godly man must be a man who has a desire to be like God. This is a natural desire if you believe you were made in the image of God. That is a noble thing but it is another thing altogether to actually make progress towards this goal.

To be like God also involves the willingness to submit to God and to His ways and plans. That includes, in a big way, His plan for our lives. In order to be a Godly man, one must be concerned with God’s plan for your life or your destiny.

A Godly Man Has A Destiny

Thinking about your God-given destiny and wanting to know the details about your destiny is a great place for Godly men to start. There is much more involved, however.

There are many forces in play that are working against you on your path to realizing your destiny in life. As a  result , it becomes very important for you to pursue your destiny. It won’t come jump on you and it won’t wait for the right alignment of the stars.

A Godly Man Looks Like

A Godly man must be persistent, must walk in faith and prayer, must be willing to invest in others, and must seek the counsel and support of other Godly brothers in Christ.

Years ago I felt a calling from the Lord to run for a state office. I was shocked by this and spent time praying about it, discussing it with my wife, and getting advice form some close friends. I decided that this was indeed a path that the Lord wanted me to take.

Everything involved with running a campaign was a struggle for me. There were endless nights making phone calls. I involved my family in designing campaign signs and getting permission to post them across my district in Louisiana.

There were numerous receptions and debates and interviews which I just thoroughly enjoyed. I put a huge amount of effort in what I believed was my destiny from the Lord. I sacrificed a lot of time with my family.

To make a long and painful story very short, I did not win the race. I was quite devastated. I asked the Lord what went wrong. My conclusion was that I had submitted to the Lord and ran a campaign that honored Him. I had to leave the results up to Him.

The point is that I pursued what I truly believed to be my destiny in Christ as a Godly man. Do I still believe that my God-given destiny is to serve people through a government office? It may still be in my future some day.

I do feel certain that my destiny involves working with men to become Godly fathers and husbands. There is such a strong desire in my heart to provide men with a vehicle to help them discover their destiny and support to achieve it.

That’s why the Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams were created.

If you call yourself A GODLY MAN or want to learn about Godly manhood, I challenge you – I double-dare you – to go to the link above.

Michael Ecuyer
Courageous Men’s Destiny Teams Co-founder