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Where O Where Has America The Great Gone?

America The Great Was Free

America the great has handled many challenges since it was first born. Men and women and families sacrificed so much because they had a dream to live in a place where they could serve and worship God freely. America The Great

That freedom came with a price. America the great came to be because God’s favor was upon those men who were willing to resist a government that attempted to keep those freedoms in check.

That freedom, which includes the ability to develop and creatively express yourself and pursue your God-given purpose, was then severely challenged over the issue of slavery. America was torn in two for a while.

It was again challenged with a devastating economic depression and two world wars. America the great stood tall and strong until a movement took place in the entertainment industry.

That movement basically said the pursuit of pleasure will not be restrained by anything. America the great chose to forget where its greatness came from. It is amazing how so much can change in fifty years.

There is some hope in the fact if America has dropped so far in so short a time, it can rise back up and be restored even quicker.

America The Great – Where Are You?

America the great is more accurately described now as America the disgusting. Our news coverage recently has been dominated the past SEVERAL days by the pictures of a British princess’ chest. This is beyond sad.

It would be easy to blame our news agencies but they are only going to report what sells, and America continues to buy into all sorts of lustful adventures.

America seems to be more concerned with being entertained than pursuing the excellence of their destinies.

America the great is more focused on discovering the variety of ways someone can get a free ride. It makes little difference whether it is ethical or not, let alone whether it is immoral or not.

The values that brought this nation to its place of greatness are disappearing fast. Excellence and integrity take a back seat to convenience and mediocrity. America’s motto has become, what can this country do for me.

Are there people left in America who are willing to sacrifice some of their self-seeking adventures to pursue something greater than themselves?

Are there people willing to devote their time and money to make their community a better place to live by impacting real lives?

Look around you. There are families hurting. Single moms and the elderly are pretty much on their own. The institution of the family is barely surviving now.

Where has America the great gone? It has been thrown under the bus with God. Time magazine asked – Is God dead? – on it’s cover in 1966.

The question is totally off mark. The question should have been – Is God dead in the hearts of Americans?

Where has America the great gone? It has gone to sleep with the court decisions that took God out of our schools, that legalized the murder of unborn babies, that and removed God from public life, and are trying to redefine marriage and the family.

The people have embraced themselves as a false god.

God gave a warning that if we forgot Him, forgot all that He has done, and forgot His ways, we would perish.

America The Great Can Be Restored

America the great, can you hear me? I believe that the Church and the homeschooling movement are the keys to restoring our nations to its former greatness. We will soon see.

Michael and Charleen

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If You Have Favor From God, Awesome Things Are Within Your Reach

Favor From God Brings Increase

Having favor from God gives you the potential to create awesome results wherever you go in life. The favor of God can put you far beyond what you can accomplish without His power. Favor From God

We are not talking about being ambitious for your own benefit or for your own selfish desires. We are talking about achieving things that impact not just individuals, but communities, and not just cities, but nations.

While God’s desire is to restore and lift up men and women, His heart goes beyond to turning the course of society and countries. He has to start with you and me,  but only if we are willing to live with the favor from God and step up.

What is the favor of God? Elisha and the Shunammite widow are a great example. Favor from God through Elisha delivered a widow from her poverty and the eminent loss of her two sons.

Let’s look closely at what happened. The widow was instructed to gather as many containers as possible to put the supernatural flow of oil into. She was the one who determined how much oil she received because God’s supply was unlimited.

This incident began her relationship with Elisha which put her in contact this miraculous favor from God. Her son was brought back from the dead, and seven years later, when she returned from the famine, her story moved the heart of the king to restore all her possessions.

Is it hard for you to believe that God is all about increase? His desire to increase His children both spiritually and in material wealth. Why else would He talk of storing up of the wealth of the wicked for the righteous?

Favor From God Brings Wealth

Faith in God’s favor is what will open the doors to that wealth so that we can be God’s instruments of blessings to others. God wants us to enjoy His blessings but also put them to use for the building up of His kingdom.

The expectation of being favored by God needs to explode on the inside of you, in your thinking. If this doesn’t happen. then you will limit the favor from God working in your life. Do not sell yourself short or God short.

Don’t be like the guy fishing who kept throwing the big fish back. He had to because he only had a 10-inch frying pan to cook them in. Make room in your thinking for God to operate big. You determine how little or how big He is able to bless you.

Key To Activating Favor From God

A powerful method to help grow your faith and expectation to see to have favor with God is to follow some simple instructions found in Psalm 35:27. It says, “Let them say continually:’Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His people.'”

Say this constantly and what your expectations of favor from God grow. Then watch awesome things come within your reach. Your future is bright in the Lord. Don’t settle for second best anymore and walk in favor with God.

Michael and Charleen

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What Is the Favor of God Bridge to My Destiny?

What Is the Favor of God?

What is the favor of God bridge to your destiny? We will give you a very simple two word answer if you promise to hear us out in this short article. The answer is God’s Word. What IsThe Favor of God?

If your quick response is stop reading, resist that temptation.

The key here in walking the bridge between the favor of God and His Word is how you apply
His word to your life. That makes all the difference in the world. The best part is God’s favor is for anyone.

That is, anyone who is willing to follow two simple steps.

Your destiny is God’s blueprint for your life. It is not made up by yourself or copied from some celebrity TV show. Your real future, your true destiny can only
come from God. And it definitely does not come from the government.

Your future is bright and full of success. Favor from God is available to you in the form of protection, salvation, health, peace, and even wealth. The Lord can take you from the prison cell to prime minister.

Is this a bit much for you to swallow? If it is, your thinking needs to change and your expectations need to change. That’s where God’s Word comes in to play.

What Is The Favor of God – 2 Steps

What is the favor of God bridge to your destiny? Honoring Him and His Son. This is the first step towards being favored by God and watching the doors to your destiny open up.

You honor God by honoring Jesus and giving Him first place in your life. This also means giving God’s Word first place in all that you do.

Jesus is the Word made flesh. You must have this connection to obtain His blueprint for the purpose of your life.

How can you give Him first place? By asking every day and throughout the day what would Jesus do. Seek His will and be determined to follow His way as outlined by the wisdom found in the Bible. Let the Word become a part of you.

What Is The Favor of God Thinking

What is the favor of God bridge to your future? See yourself as God’s partner. We are called to be co-laborers with Him.

What does this do when we see ourselves in this new light? We stop limiting ourselves in our thinking. We stop limiting God working in our lives.

We begin to make room for His abundance and favor that is just waiting to
bless us in all areas of our lives, not just the spiritual area.

God has thousands of ways to bless His children. Those blessings have already been set for us to enjoy for ourselves and for others.

The greatest enjoyment we can ever experience is being a vessel of God’s favor and blessing to others. God said it is more blessed to give than to receive.

What is the favor of God connection to our destiny? We are not talking about positive thinking here.

We are talking about the fact that having favor with God means that His glory is already shining upon His children.

We need to dig into God’s Word and become closely acquainted with His promises and with who He says we are in Christ. That is how we get our minds renewed and restored from all garbage that has been dumped on us over the years.

Don’t make the mistake of short-changing yourself. God has big plans for you. They may not look big in the world eyes but each one of us has a vital role to fulfill on this earth for the kingdom of God.

Honor and love God with all your heart. Let your mind make room for His abundant goodness through the Word. Watch His glory flow from you to realize your true calling in life.

Michael and Charleen

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