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Your Ticket To Wealth Is Found With Sowing and Reaping in The Bible

Sowing and Reaping in the Bible

The purpose of sowing and reaping in the Bible is to make you rich beyond your wildest imagination. I thought that might catch your attention. Like most things, you can find some truth in my statement above. Sowing And Reaping In The Bible

The purpose of sowing and reaping is to bring forth fruit for the glory of the Lord. According to the Bible, that includes physical wealth.

A person’s definition of wealth or being rich can be a million different things. In order to keep things simple, we will say they mean having much more than you need or having an abundant supply of resources or money.

In God’s eyes, your ticket to wealth is not a lottery ticket. Jesus said quite emphatically that we should seek His kingdom first, not riches.

At the same time, our Heavenly Father’s desire is for us to enjoy wealth and to use it for His kingdom purposes AND our enjoyment. The key idea to introduce here is Godly balance.

The idea of sowing and reaping in the Bible is a common one and one that Jesus talked about a lot. He used sowing and reaping to describe the central meaning of the mission of the Gospel to the world.

His Word is sowed into the hearts of men with the hope that the fruit of salvation and faith and love will come forth.

We are also instructed in Scripture to sow and reap with great expectation for return. The Bible says those who sow big chunks will reap much and those who sow little will be puny reapers.

This truth is evident in the natural world. You reap as you sow means your harvest is dependent on how much you sow and your faith in God multiplying your seeds.

Sowing and Reaping in The Bible

Sowing and reaping in the Bible is your ticket to both material wealth and spiritual wealth. While our spiritual health is obviously more important, we don’t have to do without as Christians.

Many Christians are afraid of wealth, but how can we be a blessing to others when we have trouble putting food on own tables. God is not about lack. He is about abundant provision and He has told us how to get it.

Have you noticed how sowing and reaping in the Bible are always together? You reap as you sow. A farmer who doesn’t expect a harvest is beyond foolish. Did Jesus expect a harvest of a couple of hundred souls?

Sowing and Reaping in The Bible Means Faith

Sowing and reaping in the Bible speaks to speaks to the foundation of how God’s kingdom works. “As you sow so you reap” is talking about faith.

Every opportunity we have to sow and expect a Godly return of 30, 60, or 100 fold is an exercise of faith. This is so important because without faith it is impossible to please God.

The wealth of this world has been made available to us not by throwing our co-workers off the corporate ladder, not by running after every get-rich-quick scheme, but by the strategy of sowing and reaping in the Bible.

The next time you sow seeds of finances, of time, of love, of God’s Word, of faith, or of peace thank your Heavenly Father for a bountiful return.

Michael and Charleen

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