The Right Business Building Team

The economic climate is changing drastically if you haven’t noticed. Old ways of doing business are disappearing and businesses that don’t make the right changes are going under. Our debt-based economy is crumbling.

Whether your home business is online or offline, internet marketing for your business is crucial to its success. There are resources out there now for little to no cost! But don’t try and do this on your own. You need a team. It is my desire to gather a team of fathers who will assist one another in this process. The right team for you is the team that:

1) Operates with the same values you have,

2) Offers a variety of can’t lose opportunities, and

3) Gives you access to the training you need.

The Family Life Winners Business Team (FLWBT) is built around supporting fathers who want to bring family life and business ventures together and for fathers who want to get out of DEBT.  THERE IS NO COST!

We also want to focus on business opportunities that improve the quality of  life for others and reflect Christian values. The support that we provide to team members  will be founded on a serving heart, prayer, honesty, and guidance from the Lord.

The photo to the right  is a good illustration of the structural concept for our team building process – WORKING WITH TEAMS OF 3. 

Basically, we are asking that you commit to building your own mini-team of 3 like-minded members with plenty of flexibility regarding the type of business product or service. Our teams will focus on:

1) training,

2)prayer and divine guidance for business success, and 

3) encouraging one another on a consistent basis.

If this doesn’t sit well with you, we are NOT the right team for you.  We wish you well in your search for home business success, though.

Next, we  will move on to some specifics about marketing for your home-based family business.

Mike Ecuyer


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