Today’s Average College Cost – Beat It By More Than 50%

ATTENTION All College Hopefuls, Parents, and Homeschoolers:

You can now get your college bachelor’s degree in America without paying the OUTRAGEOUS yearly costs. The average college cost for a public university FOR 1 YEAR is the same as the cost of a new 2010 Toyota Matrix (around $17,000), and 2-3 times that for a private college.

We invite you to watch this 10 minute life-changing video and discover how you can save TEN’s OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on getting your college degree.

We know this works because this is what we did.

Watch this video below – You will not be disappointed!


I’m Beating Today’s Average College Cost

Here’s a big question: So what kind of bachelor’s level degrees are available to me with this plan?

We can’t name them all, but here is a sample list:

A variety of specialized business degrees, computer science, criminal justice, psychology, communications, education, most of the humanities, political science, health care administration, accounting, nursing, paralegal studies, homeland security, sociology, several technology degrees, and more.

Once you purchase the FLW College Plan by clicking the link above, you will be brought to a form to enter your name and email address.

You will be sent a welcome email immediately which will contain a download link for your 1st Lesson on beating today’s average college cost by OVER 50%. Remember, all this comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

You will continue to receive weekly emails which contain the download links for 34 more weekly lessons.

Our downloads are in pdf format and will require the free adobe reader software to access your lessons. Two other free options are:

1) Using, or

2) Forward the email we send to your gmail account to open the pdf file.

Please watch the video before you send any questions about the FLW College Plan to

Get ready to save BIG on today’s average college costs.

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  12. Patricia says:

    This is really great advice for incomming freshman especially in this economy, and with rising tuition costs.
    – Patricia –

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