Using Scriptures About Authority To Deal With Our Enemy

Scriptures About Authority

There are Scriptures about authority that we must become established on to deal a crushing blow to the enemy of our soul. Before we look at those Scriptures, let’s ask ourselves some questions about what is Christian authority over our enemy. Scriptures About Authority

Should we ever get bullied around by the devil?  Didn’t Jesus defeat the devil, and seat us in heavenly places with Him?

Why then are we allowing sickness, fear, sin, torment, addictions, failure, or insecurity to keep us from the victory we should be experiencing?

Did God promise that He would never lie to us? What is the work of the devil? Does it look like the Body of Christ understands what is church authority when it comes to dealing with the work of the enemy?

One of the meanings of the Greek word for authority is superhuman strength. Do we really have this?

God gave us superhuman or supernatural ability, and what are we doing with it? We should be walking around like the “Incredibles” family in a spiritual sense!

Scriptures About Authority Answers

Let’s get started using some Scriptures about authority to answer these questions above.

Since Jesus defeated the devil, should Christians ever get bullied?

Luke 10:17-19 fully answers this question. Jesus tells His disciples and every Believer after them that they have been given power over the enemy and nothing should be able to hurt them. The case is closed.

Were we seated in Heavenly places with Him?

For this answer, we will look at one of the Scriptures on authority found in Ephesians 2:6. Paul tells us that God our Father “seated us with Him in the heavenly places because we are united with Christ Jesus.”

The next question was has God lied.

The easy answer is found in Numbers 23:19 where it says this,”God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

The final question to answer was related to the nature of the work of the devil.

Let’s look another one of the Scriptures about authority in Acts 10:38. It says that Jesus went about doing good and “…healing all that were oppressed of the devil.”

This clearly tells us the work of the devil is oppression. This means to put in bondage or to be weighed down. This Scripture also speaks of the authority that Jesus had over the enemy’s works.

Scriptures About Authority Centurion Style

We must begin to exercise our authority as the Body of Christ!

Jesus’ response to the centurion gives us the best picture of authority and how we should be living.

This passage from Scriptures about authority is found in Matthew 8. Jesus marvels at the great faith of this centurion BECAUSE HE UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPT OF AUTHORITY.

Jesus tells the centurion in verse 13:”Go; let it be done for you as you have believed. And the servant was healed at that very moment.”

This is one of the most powerful Bible scriptures about faith. This suggests that when we honor our authorities, when we understand our authority, and when we exercise our authority, it is extremely pleasing to the Lord.

What can we do to understand and use this authority in Christ?

1. We must meditate on scriptures about authority.
2. We absolutely need to submit to, and honor the authorities placed in our lives.
3. We should begin to exercise our authority BY FAITH on a daily basis.

Resolve today, to be a person of centurion faith. If we do this, we will not only do the works that Jesus did, but we will also please our Heavenly Daddy. For we know that without faith, it is impossible to please Him.


P.S. These SCRIPTURES ABOUT AUTHORITY speak of a deepening relationship with God our Father. I invite you to learn about some additional powerful ways that you and your family can draw closer to the Lord at the link above.

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