What Are The Seven Spirits of God and How Do They Spell Victory?

What Are The Seven Spirits of God?

What are the seven Spirits of God? They are definitely not the latest new age explanation for the origin of God. The seven Spirits that we will be talking about are found in the Bible. What Are The Seven Spirits of God

There is a very important reason that we should become familiar with what are the seven Spirits of God. The ministry or work of God’s Spirit in our lives is our guarantee to victory in every situation. Yes, you heard me – a guarantee.

Of course, this guarantee is based on our hearing correctly what God’s Spirit is saying and then being obedient to what He has instructed.

Before we tell you what are the seven spirits of God, it is crucial that you know that the only access to the seven Spirits of God is through Jesus Christ.

Our spirits are made alive once we gain salvation through faith in Jesus. It is then that the 7 spirits of God come to dwell in us.

What Are The Seven Spirits of God?

What are the seven Spirits of God? Isaiah 11:2 identifies Them as the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirits of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirits of Counsel and Might, and the Spirits of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord.

To a certain degree, they are self explanatory, with the first being the person of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. The Hebrew language does give us additional insight into who or what are the seven Spirits of God.

By looking at the Hebrew language, we can gain a better understanding. Wisdom also includes creativity. Understanding also includes useful information and how to use it.

Counsel also includes getting direction. Might also includes strength and ability. Knowledge also includes intimacy or closeness. And Fear also includes awe and reverence and worship.

As you can see, these are all very valuable anointing to possess.

In the Book of Zechariah, we see mention of a lampstand with 7 lamps. Zechariah is told that these are the Spirit of God and that we are not to rely on our own power but live by the Spirit of God.

We believe that we are entering into the time whereby victory will only be possible through God’s Spirit.

This same 7-branch lampstand is also described in the Book of Exodus as a fixture called the menorah and placed in the Tabernacle of the Lord.

The last major reference to what are the seven Spirits of God is found in the fourth Chapter of Revelations.

Victory and What Are The Seven Spirits of God

Now that you know what are the seven Spirits of God, how do They spell victory in our lives? Just think for a minute of all of the challenges you face on a regular basis.

Now picture that God’s Spirit is at your side drawing you close to Himself, instructing you, and empowering you to overcome any obstacle or attack.

He is also revealing to you creative strategies for your business and family relationships, including your marriage.

You don’t have to just imagine this anymore. The seven Spirits of God are available to bring you to victory. That is what every child of God is destined for.

What are you waiting for? Simply call upon the ministry of the Spirits of God by name in faith and watch the battles turn in your favor.

Michael and Charleen

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