What Is Betrayal and Can You Overcome Its Painful Effects?

What Is Betrayal?

It is sad that everybody knows the answer to what is betrayal from personal experience. We all know the gut-wrenching feelings related to that close trusted friend or family member who failed us, lied about us, or abandoned us when we needed them the most. What Is Betrayal

The real question is can we overcome the emotional trauma of betrayal? For many people, the answer is no. They end up living in constant mistrust with
fear ruling their lives from the moment of betrayal until an early death.

For many others, dealing with betrayals and their painful effects can be overcome.

We all remember Judas’ betrayal of Jesus found in Luke 22:48 when He asks Judas, “would you betray the Son of Man with a kiss?” Judas is surely remembered as the betrayer of all betrayers.  The common question we have  is how could he do this to the One who loved him so much?

We know how wrong Judas was, and how he had no grounds for his betrayal. Yet, when WE are betrayed, we spend exorbitant amounts of time, trying to figure out what we did wrong.

We wonder what horrible character trait we must have that made someone do this to us.  While self analysis can be helpful, should we really be looking elsewhere? Does anyone really earn betrayal because of an imperfection?

What Is Betrayal To Me?

What is betrayal to many? I believe most betrayal comes from an unwillingness to communicate truthfully.

As a result, much betrayal comes from trying to get your way in a situation by manipulating behind the scenes, rather than deal with the conversation, conflict, or confrontation.

It seems that even negative or abusive communication would be more palatable to accept, rather then back-stabbing betrayal.

What is betrayal? Interestingly, the Greek word betray is paradidómi, which means to hand over, to give or deliver over, to betray. It can mean to bring forth,
cast out, or put in prison.

From this definition of betrayal, we find that it could mean that we are delivered over to our enemy. Most of the time, this is exactly how it feels.

Betrayal can come in many forms, but true betrayal can only come from someone who is close to us. It is associated with someone we love deeply, and have developed what we thought was a strong trust and faith in.

What Is Betrayal Answer?

I believe we can overcome betrayal, and learn to trust again. How is this possible?

The answer is Jesus Christ, who is the foundation to every answer in life. I like using His Hebrew name, Yeshua. Simply put your trust in Him and in His love for you.

Can Yeshua take betrayals and work them for your good?  Of course He can. Doesn’t Christ deserve our complete trust? Hasn’t He already healed our bodies and our minds as it is written in Psalm 103?

Didn’t He bear our pains and our sorrows spoken of in Isaiah 53? He took all of it on the cross so we wouldn’t have to continue to bear these hurts.

Exercise your faith in His healing grace and let your faith in Jesus overcome the betrayals you’ve had to face.

Is it really that simple?  Try it now.

I have, and the sting of betrayal has been eliminated completely from my heart. You too, can overcome betrayal!


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