What Is Courtship To A Culture Overcome By STD’s and Teen Pregnancy?

What Is Courtship?

What is courtship when parents continue to watch their young men and women get ravaged by the destructive life-changing effects of the dating game? Do you think we are being a bit over-dramatic? What Is Courtship?

What is courtship when when 20% of the US population has an STD and 50% of sexually active youth will contract an STD by the age of 25? Some of these diseases will remain for life.

What is courtship when there are over one million new cases of STD’s every day on this planet? Do you think there might be a couple of parents who have their heads stuck in the sand?

What is courtship when approximately 20% of American teenager girls are getting pregnant? New grandparents are getting younger and younger now and getting very busy with new babysitting chores.

What is courtship with our nation’s divorce rate hovering around 40%? Every divorce creates another broken family with the children being wounded, probably for life.

What is courtship when our precious sons and daughters are suffering the trauma of heartache, and sometimes even resorting to suicide attempts? This is not unusual youth of only 13 or 14 years old these days.

What Is Courtship? The Solution

Courtship is the no-brainer solution.

Are parents experiencing some type of brain freeze here? Why do parents continue to allow this garbage to occur?

How can anyone expect 2 young people who are attracted to each other not to succumb to the temptation of expressing their affection when they are left alone?

There is no comparison between dating and courting. All of the horrific consequences of dating on our society basically began just 60 years ago.

Courtship used to be the norm. The practice of courtship would eliminate the vast majority of the problems listed above almost overnight.

A solid marriage is what holds a family together. We need to do a much better job of preparing our kids for marriage. An excellent way to do that is to start talking to them about courtship.

Your child’s decision regarding marriage will undoubtedly be one of the most important and life-impacting decisions they will ever make. It is no longer good enough to restrict your parental involvement to throwing a $25,000 party and just hoping for the best.

What Is Courtship For You?

There is not just one way to describe what is courtship behavior. Courting may look a bit different for each family.

If your children are young, start talking to them NOW. Make it easier for them to expect what is coming regarding their future romantic relationships with the opposite sex.

Parents, this is dead serious business. Things have got to change when it comes to dating and courtship.

If your children are already dating, they may put up a huge fight. You can negotiate with them on how courtship might play out for your situation. Do not, however, compromise anymore on them getting into situations alone with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Above all, you should stay supportive but stay involved. There are some excellent and modern materials available that talk about courtship. Get familiar with these materials and start sharing this solution with your children now.

Michael and Charleen

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