What Is Faith?

A major topic of the New Testament is faith and there is much confusion about it in the church today. As mentioned previously, we like to look at faith as being the currency of the kingdom of God, whereby meaningful transactions are able to take place.

Is that a horrible thing to say? How do goods and services get transferred here on earth? The answer is money. How does anything get done in  Yahweh’s Kingdom? According to Jesus, the answer is faith.  He said “your faith has made you whole” and “whatever things you ask for, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.” What will He be looking for when He returns to earth?

Faith is an all-confident expectation for something that the Lord has shown you or spoken to you from His Word. Faith is the realization that there is a higher Kingdom authority operating above what the world is telling us or what we happen to be experiencing. Faith is choosing to see things with Yeshua’s eyes and not our own eyes.

Faith is the creative power that we are to operate from in order to see things change according to God’s will. We all operate from faith in something – that is how Yahweh made us. When we are placing our faith in things other than the Lord, we are moving into dangerous territory.

We choose  what we are going to believe in, and we see that so clearly in the decision Thomas made in John 20:25. Thomas made this choice based on what he was able to see, or in this case what he had not yet seen.

We can’t let our human eyes dictate to us what we will or what we won’t believe. We must move beyond what our past experiences have shown us or what we have been taught contrary to the Word of God.

Time to step into the mighty realm of faith whereby we confident expect nothing but God’s promises for our lives to come to pass.

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