What Is The Abrahamic Covenant for Today’s Families Dealing with The Economy

What Is The Abrahamic Covenant

What is the Abrahamic covenant for families in the 21st century? Do you think God’s covenant with Abraham is able to reach across 4000 years to impact families living in the 21st century? What Is The Abrahamic Covenant

Today’s families need all the help they can get dealing with the economy. The news is full of stories of massive lay-offs, droughts and food prices rising, troubles in the Middle East keeping the gas prices high, and companies folding like lawn chairs at poolside.

But there was a man named Abraham who was obedient and faithful to God. You know the story in Genesis.

What is the Abrahamic covenant? God promised Abraham that he would become a great nation and that He would “bless” him and make his name great.

Sounds like a big winner for Abraham and his family and his descendants. But what about us today? I’m getting there soon.

Read this next statement very carefully. God also said that He would bless those who blessed Abraham and that a channel for blessing to come to the families of the earth would be through Abraham.

Remember the old saying that it’s not what you know but who you know? The key question here is what did God mean by bless. The answer to that is seen in what happened in Abraham’s life afterwards.

What Is The Abrahamic Covenant?

What is the Abrahamic covenant? We will focus on two main areas of what this blessing from God meant to Abraham: wealth and destiny.

Wealth has become a dirty word in Christian circles. To put it rather bluntly, that is a dog-gone lie. God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people.

God does not want us to be poor. He wants us to be a blessing so we can be His vessel of blessing to others.

What God is concerned with is how we use wealth. Are we using using it only for our pleasure or are we using to release others from bondage? Today’s economy has been able to put a lot of families under oppression.

What is the Abrahamic covenant? It was a promise for wealth. The covenant of Abraham with God made him a very wealthy man.

As Christians, we cannot shy away from wealth. Wealth can either do great damage or great good. It depends on whose hands it is in.

God does not want us worrying about the poor economy. He wants us turning to Him in faith so He  can bless the work of our hands.

Some of that work can be funding some of the awesome ministries out there doing invaluable work. Wealth can also be a powerful tool of witnessing
to God’s goodness and love. And as we give and bless others, seeds of humility grow within us.

What Is The Abrahamic Covenant? Part 2

The second answer to what is the Abrahamic covenant  is walking in our destiny. Abraham went from being a elderly man with a barren wife to the father of many nations.

Our destinies in the Lord are all related in some way in dealing with today’s economy with a Godly purpose. God wants more for us than just getting by.

What is the Abrahamic covenant? It is the ability to stand above the trials and struggles we are facing with purpose. God wants us responding specifically to our circumstances with His vision or direction that has been provided by Him.

Abraham and the covenant of Godly wealth and destiny is ours today through our confession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Abraham is obviously no longer alive, but we can be aligned with him through the nation of Israel. Ask the Lord how you can do this.

That is one powerful way that you can activate your commitment to “blessing Abraham”. Get ready to watch God’s blessing come upon you and overtake you and be at peace in today’s economy.

Mike and Charleen

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