Why Attend College? So You Don’t Settle For 2nd Best in Life

Does the question, why attend college, still have you scratching your head?

Well, scratch no more!

A college degree may not be a guarantee to the best that life has to offer, but it sure increases your chances AND your choices.

A recent 2010 report from College Board describes the tempting benefits of a college degree:

1) Four-year college graduates earn on average nearly $20,000 a year more than those with just a high school diploma. Money will never bring happiness, however, if that is the driving force of your life.

2) People with a degree have also fared better in the midst of this current recession. Their rate of unemployment was 5% lower than those without a degree.

I remember  when I was in my 20’s, that I would get excited about finding ways of making a lot of money.

Money is important, but there are many other aspects of life to get excited about also.

Why attend college? Here are some college degree benefits related to your health from this research:

3) College adults between the ages of 25 to 44 are healthier and more active, and are 14 percent less likely to be obese than high school graduates. This is obviously due to eating habits and having knowledge related to nutrition.

4) Adults ages 25 to 34 with an undergraduate degree are nearly twice as likely to exercise vigorously and thus have less health problems.

5) The smoking rate among those with a bachelor’s degree is 9 percent, while the rate for those with a high school diploma only is 27 percent.

6) The percentage of people with degrees who donate their time to community organizations is higher than other groups.

This last item is very important because the most powerful indicator of success, in my opinion, is changing people’s lives for the better.

A college degree will open the doors to more choices and more opportunities to help you achieve all you can in your life.

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your future. College may just be your ticket to the best for your life.

Why attend college? I hope you have some reasons now to consider it. Going for the best for your life with a college degree does not have to mean a huge price tag any longer.

We’ll show you how to beat today’s AVERAGE COLLEGE COST by over 50%.

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