The Scripture On Patience Working With Faith To Inherit The Promises

The Scripture On Patience and Faith

There is a Scripture on patience that contains a very powerful secret to enable you to receive your Godly inheritance. Find out how Godly patience will act as a multiplying agent when it is combined with faith. Scripture On Patience

We rarely put faith and patience together in our minds. The Scripture on patience in Hebrews 6:12, however, tells us these two Biblical heavyweights will open the doors to our inheritance from God.

The problem is that patience nowadays is a rare commodity. We want what we want and it better be right now.

This kind of attitude works against our faith because it gets tough to believe that God is moving on our behalf when we don’t see anything changing with our physical eyes.

Scripture On Patience Lessons

Learning how to have patience can be a big help and we can look at some Scriptures on patience to point us in the right direction. There is a patience Scripture in James that tells us how to produce more patience in our lives.

It says that patience comes from our faith being tested. The Bible also tells us to do all things by faith. Really? Where does it say that?

Romans 14 tells us “what is not from faith is sin”. We can conclude that the right path is to do all things in faith.

In order to test your faith, start doing little things by faith, expecting God to show up. You can eat by faith expecting health and energy.

You can sleep by faith expecting to feel refreshed in the morning or by expecting encouraging dreams. You can study for a test by faith expecting God to bless the work of your hands and keep you free from worry.

It is sad that so many Christians give up on walking by faith so quickly and they don’t experience the blessing. It is because they have little to no patience.

Another Scripture on patience in Romans 15 says that our Heavenly Father is a God of patience. That is not only part of His nature but He is also a resource from whom we can draw patience from.

One things is for sure – patience will not come by accident.  Let us give you a couple of examples.

Scripture On Patience Examples

We have a large family and had been living in a 4 bedroom home for several years. We prayed and thanked the Lord for a bigger house. Several possibilities came along but none of them worked out. We stayed in patience and faith expecting God to do something.

Three tears went by and suddenly, we got a call in the morning from a real estate agent friend who knew of a three-year old home with 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.

I got an appointment to view the house that same day and gave them a deposit to hold the house for us. That’s where we are living now.

Also, we have been foster parents for many years now and had a sibling group of 2 placed in our home for a pre-adoption visit almost 6 years ago. Everything went great but the state decided we already had too many children and didn’t place them with us.

Recently, we received a call about placing a teenage girl in our home. We had thought maybe our days of fostering were finished but could not say no in this situation. The agency placed her with us and we soon realized it was the girl we had in our home 6 years ago.

It is amazing how God will work in our lives when use faith and patience.

Michael and Charleen

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